Exclusive photo. Mnats and Albert

It is an artillery unit headed by the famous and hero Mnatsi.

In recent days I often talk to guys in this group. Thanks to the loyal officer, they had a very difficult day, they survived many difficult situations, they became very close.

At that time we could write a few lines about Mnatsi with a cut voice, today we can create a heroic story. Mnatsakan Avetisyan did not leave a single soldier in this war, he did not leave a single meter. 44 days of grief with everyone, strengthened everyone.

The rest was the source of communication for the soldiers. He called one by one to call the soldier’s house and gave him an opportunity to talk briefly. The most memorable are those short dialogues. We are fine, calm down.

This crew fired in Jabrshil, went through hell in Hadrut, appeared in the woods under phosphorous blows and survived.

The only loss I had left and the staff was the case of the well-known Albert, when the projectile fired by the enemy immediately fell under his feet.

To the right of the photo.

One of the boys, Martin, was also killed.

Brother, be in the lights.

Eternal glory to you, Albert.

I have the honor. Remained dear.

David Davtyan