This test is designed to conduct psychoanalysis and to identify the main personality traits that are expressed when having a relationship with the opposite sex.

This test will help you choose the second half.

1. Look carefully at the presented options. 2. Choose the one you like best.

If you selected the №5 tree. You are a very emotional: bright person who can flare up very quickly հանգստ relax just as quickly. In a relationship, you first try to attract attention by covering your personality with secrets and mysteries. Relationships with you are not always smooth, there are frequent disputes with the second half. But sometimes these arguments only strengthen the relationship հետո after calming down you solve all the problems. As a partner, you need calm, balanced, non-conflict people who can easily resolve conflict situations. Profession: lawyer, prosecutor, diplomat, pilot, etc.

If you selected the №4 tree. You are a person who always strives for perfection, punctuality and order. You have clear rules that guide your life. You are not in conflict, but you can repel anyone in any situation. You are not shy, but you certainly have a sense of tenderness. You love everything new ակը original, but you never forget the old ացված forgotten. You try to build long-term relationships with people.

In your relationship with your other half, you strive to be a leader, but if you do not achieve that, you become an equal partner who can be fully trusted in a difficult time. Each person will suit you, because from each of you you will create what you need, if you do not meet a strong personality, then you will form an ideal couple.

If you selected the №3 tree. You are a very emotional: tender person, you love romance և aesthetics very much. You focus a lot on yourself, you can listen to the opinion of others, but your own is above all. Are you trying to avoid sharp corners and reach an agreement? You are looking for a strong person in the relationship who will be your protector. You are full of love and energy. The second half will suit you boxers, bosses, military service personnel. You will be able to be a very good support for your loved one.

If you selected the №2 tree. You are more characterized by prudence, accountability and perseverance. You despise the opinion of others. Undoubtedly, you already have a goal in life that you are persistently striving for. In a relationship with the opposite sex, you try to create a plan that you gradually implement. You are a stable person, but sometimes you can react very violently to events. You are supported by a kind և strong person who will be able to support you in all endeavors. Stable people will suit you. Profession: accountant, bank employee, builder.

If you selected the №1 tree. This type of tree is chosen by strong, courageous and determined people, but at the same time, they are romantic-tender people in their hearts. You are confident, stubborn, resilient, cold-minded, but you have some problems with adaptation. In relationships with members of the opposite sex, you are sometimes cunning.

Are you brave և In relationships you like to take the initiative. Such people in the family are reliable. Bright, unique personalities will suit you. Profession: politician, cameraman, director, director.