1. Red. Do you like to be a leader? Almost all your emotions are at their maximum. You are a stubborn person, you do not like to leave your work tomorrow. Often people who love red are ostentatious, impatient, stubborn and cruel. A woman in red tends to flirt with men.

2. Orange. You are a real optimist, a life-loving, dreamy and creative person. This color is the embodiment of joy and pleasure. You have inexhaustible energy. But sometimes it happens that orange lovers have a high opinion of themselves.

3. Yellow. Do you want to discover yourself, to achieve your goals? You are a confident, happy person. Yellow lovers often have a high level of creativity. Yellow helps them in difficult times, focuses attention. Sometimes you like to gossip. You can be distracted, critical of yourself and those around you.

4. Green. Green is the most neutral, calm, soothing color. Green lovers clearly choose the path of their life. They take life’s goals very seriously. They like to help others. Their inner world is rich, but they are in no hurry to discover it.

5. Blue. This color inspires confidence. It is chosen by calm people who are able to resolve conflict situations, create a peaceful atmosphere and create friendly relations.

6. Blue. This color is loved by calm, fair people. Like blue, blue gives a sense of confidence. The color blue is chosen by confident people.

7. Purple. Purple is chosen by people who find it difficult to realize in their lives. You are often very critical of yourself. You are always very rational, you try to control yourself. You are prone to depression և you can misinterpret people’s behavior. At the same time, purple can raise low self-esteem.

8. Pink. Do you prefer to live a full life? You are looking for new feelings, you like to suffer, you can not always stay in the same position. You can often behave lightly and indifferently, you like to show yourself. Your childhood does not seem to end there. Pink is considered the royal color, it is the color of princesses, little girls.

9. Gray. Mostly people who prefer gray put the brain first, not the emotions. Gray is a neutral color. It is rare to meet people like you. You are an intellectual, you look into the depths of things. You do not like extremes, you do not divide life into white. You tend to analyze everything.

10. SS: People who prefer S are a real mystery. They want to attract the attention of others. If you only wear it, it may indicate that you need something essential in life