Another murder took place in Gyumri. Today, at around 15:30, G., born in 1995, was killed in one of the buildings on Yerևanyan Highway. D. In a conversation with “Haykakan Zhamanak”, the prosecutor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Gurgen Grigoryan said that there was a puncture wound in the back of the victim.

Investigators are currently working at the scene.

The body was found on the staircase connecting the 3rd և 2nd floors. “The boy came, they called him out of the house, they invited him to talk. “The boy came out, his mother came out after a little noise, she saw the body,” the prosecutor said.

According to the prosecutor, there is no other information to be published at the moment. Operative-investigative measures are taken to find the person who committed the crime, to find out his identity.